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Wellness through Wearable Devices

Don't just track your progress, let your smart watch or Google Glass do more by using LynxFit to stay on track.


Don't just track, stay on track. Choose from carefully curated categories of workouts to our premium partner provided routines. Once subscribed your LynxFit fitness companion motivates you through your fitness programs.


Set your priorities and when you like to workout and let your virtual fitness coach guides and motivates you towards your goal. Your LynxFit compatible wearable device will alert and guide you towards your goals.


View, measure and optionally share data gathered from your activities. LynxFit uses sensors in your wearable device to listen to your body and allows you to measure historical progress of your fitness goals.

LynxFit is also used by Personal Trainers, Coaches, Instructors, Physical Therapists...

What are they saying?

Enjoy fitness again

Connect from a LynxFit compatible smart glass, smart watch or smart accessory.

  • Stream fitness/wellness content to your Android/Amazon Fire TV or Chromecast

  • Workout with your friends in realtime, where ever they are. Challenge each other towards your goals

  • Alongside your virtual coach, you can invite your actual coach, therapist or trainer to motivate you as you workout.

  • Earn P.I.E® (Pace, Intensity & overall Endurance) by hitting each achievement. Everyone loves PIE!

LynxFit Insights

Review your client, athlete or patients conditioning activity by individual, group or team in realtime.

  • Content providers, analyze how your customers are consuming your fitness content.

  • Get access to the millions fitness enthusiasts who depend on wearable computers to get fit.

  • Help your client by giving them the motivation needed to complete their goals. Coming soon.

  • Create apps that do more to motivate your users with our API. Coming soon.

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