Create fitness plans for mobile devices

Do you create fitness plans or rehab programs? Pivot lets you publish your content to mobile & wearables with tools to virtually coach customers.


Bring instructional content to wearable devices at a fraction of the cost of building an app.


Gain access to activity trends and content engagement reports to improve the goals of your customer.


Help customers reach their health goals when they need your guidance and motivation.

About Us

Why Pivot? Today over 50M households own a connected fitness tracker and use countless numbers of fitness apps to achieve goals. These device owners still turn to fitness experts for guidance towards fitness goals. The experts we turn to have no cost effective way to reach us on the mobile and wearable devices we use everyday to get fit. This results in a saturated market of unvetted fitness apps used by millions of people to compliment coaching from experts.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we love talking to customers!